Safety first - Airbag technology by Fischer & Kaufmann

Airbag technology, which is equipped with our FIUKA components, has been an indispensable part of passive safety concepts in the passenger car industry for many years. Vehicles of all classes fitted with airbags in which our components are used, stand for maximum safety, reliability and service life. 

Components for airbag technology - a permanent fixture in more than 100 vehicle types

Safety aspects play an important role in mobility. Safety in airbag technology is based on parameters such as the reliability of the individual workpieces and components. Ranging from the small car to middle class and to luxury class vehicles. FIUKA is committed to precision not only in the field of airbags, but in all production sectors of our company. For this reason, we process high-precision formed parts for airbag technology, e.g. high-strength materials according to customer specifications. These meet the highest requirements that are claimed and demanded in the field of restraint systems. 

But how is it possible for FIUKA to guarantee the precision you require? In our cold forming technology department we work with automatic forming machines that act on the high-strength materials for the special requirements of components in airbag technology with press capacities of 315 tons up to 400 tons (of a maximum possible 1,600 tons). In this way, and with the help of the right tool technology, we guarantee absolute precision and accuracy of fit of the components. FIUKA achieves specified surface tensions of modules, components and parts by means of specialised cleaning processes, which include re-greasing. 

Components for airbag modules – Safety has a name

The airbag restraint systems for passive safety concepts, for which we supply components, can be found again in the area of airbag technology for drivers and front passengers. For us, the very highest safety standards are not a marketing concept, but a genuine reality for our components, which is why an automated and visual inspection of 100 % of all components is carried out in line with predefined parameters. 

Segments for airbag technology - what matters?

Every component produced by our company is designed to perform its service precisely over the entire service life of the vehicle. Our components, which are installed in the safety-relevant modules, ensure that the airbag, the protective airbag, opens in milliseconds - as soon as the triggering impact is detected. Here the safe interaction of all components is of utmost importance. Components made of high-strength steel provide functional reliability for the combustion chamber floor, diffuser, closure and flanges. 
Why high-strength steel components? Every single component from our company must withstand the complete explosion pressure without failure when the airbag is triggered. 

Components for airbag technology by FIUKA - we leave nothing to chance  

Each of our components is designed to outlast the entire service life of the vehicle - and to be fully functional. In the area of passive safety, we are not prepared to compromise when it comes to precision, functionality and durability. Each of our components complies with the specified dimensional accuracy and only leaves our company if it has been fully tested. In this way, we guarantee smooth functioning at the moment it is necessary for passive safety in the vehicle.