FIUKA component production – all components and assembly groups from one reliable source

We at FIUKA have created our own options to manufacture all assembly groups or components for our customers. In doing so, we make use of our sophisticated machinery on robot welding lines. But it is not only in this area that our proven core competence can be located. We make optimum use of MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, CMT welding, projection welding and of course other common joining processes, which are used in the course of component production. We are not only on a good footing in terms of range, we always deliver the wide portfolio in familiar and proven FIUKA quality. This is not least due to the enormous importance we attach to quality assurance and quality management. At our company, quality assurance in component production is carried out by means of documentation that provides complete evidence of the microscopic inspection of every weld seam produced. 

With us you leave nothing to chance

At the request of our customers, we also expand component parts into assembly groups. In this way, we create efficient approaches to solutions in your interest, because we offer to take over further work steps and thereby shorten your supplier chain in a manner that optimises costs. We not only offer components, but also everything from the finished part to the complex assembly group, all under one roof and all from one competent source.

Cost awareness has taken a central place in our company. Cast parts can be replaced by cheaper deep drawing solutions that are welded during component production. We are also able to replace cost-intensive investment cast parts by deep drawing solutions or assembly solutions and thus help you to optimise costs. In doing so, we use the most modern robot technology, which carries out the fully automated welding process. Right from the moment of brainstorming in your company or with us as experts at your side. With us, you can always rely on the know-how of a strong, experienced team - from the moment of the first vision to the final launch of the product on the market. And that goes for every one of your upcoming projects.