FIUKA – for clean driving

Increased requirements with regard to active environmental protection pose ever new challenges for low-emission driving. FIUKA meets this challenge by contributing our share to low-emission driving. We supply you with cost-optimised and innovative solutions for all aspects of exhaust technology. Our components, which are used in SCR technology, exhaust gas purification and exhaust gas recirculation, meet the highest demands in order to be a reliable partner for the automobile industry in its ambitious goals with regard to exhaust gas reduction. 

Exhaust technology – we know what environmental protection is all about

In times of possible driving bans for diesel vehicles and stricter exhaust emission standards for vehicles, innovative ways and partners are needed to implement these requirements. This is what we at FIUKA stand for. But it is not only immission control that poses a serious challenge. The ever smaller installation spaces in the vehicle, in which the modules find their place, must also be mastered. We at FIUKA have dedicated ourselves to this task and therefore even supply moulded parts in this sector that involve a complicated production process. Always on the premise of meeting the high standards, the great requirements and the maximum demand for success of our customers.

For a clean future

In the coming years, the vehicle manufacturing industry will continue to be confronted with steadily increasing demands from environmental authorities at both national and international level. The time frames for implementing the corresponding specifications to the letter will remain tight as we already know them. That is why FIUKA is the right partner at your side. Even as a component from the exhaust technology sector enters the development phase, we help to ensure that it is ready for series production. For you, this means that as soon as the go-ahead for a component is given, the technology and the processes for placing the component in series for you are in place. This shortens processes in the long term. 

FIUKA exhaust technology – a wide range of solutions

Each product with which we equip our exhaust technology sector impresses with its wide range of alternatives. We manufacture the following using stainless steel and chrome steel in line with customer requirements: 

  • Assembly input funnel, 
  • Assembly output funnel,
  • Funnel-shaped bowls, 
  • Catalytic converter support,
  • Catalytic converter sheathings,
  • Supports,
  • Mounting supports,
  • Air gap isolated funnels,
  • Exhaust gas recirculation adapter,
  • Adblue mixer
  • And many other components.

Our vertical range of manufacture extends to the complex welding assembly groups you require, for which we use state-of-the-art robot welding systems that guarantee the highest precision.

Benefits that count

All our components are lightweight design. More weight means more consumption and this must be avoided when it comes to emission efficiency. Cast parts can be replaced by plate welding models, which not only contributes to weight reduction but also to cost reduction. Even complicated sheet metal components are manufactured in our company without intermediate annealing in one work step for you. At FIUKA, in exhaust technology - and beyond - we stand for processing to the limits of the formability of stainless steel as a high-temperature resistant material according to your wishes. Our portfolio of services naturally also includes the manufacture of gas-tight welded components. Thanks to our extensive vertical range of manufacture, we are able to supply everything from finished parts to welded assembly groups from a single source - decades of experience can be used to your advantage.