FIUKA – when it comes to the centrepiece of the vehicle

The sophisticated drive technology, the heart of the automobiles, for which we at FIUKA produce components and assembly groups, stands for high performance in vehicles. In the drive technology sector, the main focus is on the highest precision of all components, a high degree of load capacity and long lifetimes. 

In order to meet these high demands, we offer a wide range of drive and transmission technology solutions. These include piston supports, pistons, coupling flanges and the like for the transmission sector. Each of these components is manufactured by us with absolute precision while maintaining the accuracy of fit. Our cleanliness laboratory tests that the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained for every product.

Components and assembly groups for drive technology – high-precision and lightweight design

In order to meet all requirements in drive technology one-to-one, we work with the appropriate machinery to manufacture the parts. Each component, some of which are made of high-strength materials, is deep-drawn on servo transfer presses on which a press capacity of up to 1,600 tons can be applied. The reworking or finishing takes place in our company on CNC lathe and roller burnishing centres. The high-precision and lightweight design components, which often have the most complicated geometries and have to be manufactured with the narrowest tolerances, meet the highest standards. As required by the drive technology in the automobile. Cleanliness, accuracy of fit and precision - the things that we are committed to. In order to also guarantee this to our customers, we work with 100 % monitoring when it comes to the wide range of function-relevant features. 

Components for drive technology – the best for the centrepiece of the automobile 

The precise surfaces, bearing surfaces and lamella contact surfaces of our components ensure that a high level of gearshift comfort is generated in the vehicle. To ensure this accurate work of the components, we use highly specialised tool techniques. This also allows us to manufacture components economically in one step that normally have to be manufactured in up to three working steps. For this we use our special deep drawing techniques, which ensure the highest degree of precision. We at FIUKA set standards when it comes to the limits of what is feasible in deep drawing technology. 

And all this not only when it comes to going to the limits - and beyond - of deep drawing. We also set standards in terms of cleanliness. That is why we implement the highest cleanliness requirements through process-integrated cleaning. With our process control we ensure that the highly precise contours of the pulley for driving the individual units - for example the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, oil pump, servo pump - have long service lives.