Electrical steel laminations - development, production and assembly

With our technology center for the production of rotor and stator packages, which was set up in 2020, we at FIUKA have taken another step towards the future. The high-speed press makes it possible for us to manufacture high-precision components for electric drives. With state-of-the-art press technology and control, we are optimally positioned for the implementation of various manufacturing technologies for the production of laminations, thus complementing our existing portfolio in the field of electric drives.

The latest technologies and benefit from synery effects

The tool installation space of 3700 x 1200 mm and the press force of 310 t in combination with the highest precision not only allow the production of large components for all automotive applications, but also cost-effective multi-row production.

Furthermore, the modular design of the clamping table and the possible installation of a wide range of peripheral equipment make all types of sample and series production conceivable. As a technology for joining the laminations, laser welding of single laminations, bonding ("Backlack") or new joining technologies can be used in addition to the conventional interlocking.

Our technology center for steel laminations scores and convinces through:

  • Efficient production due to material-saving multi-row production with high output
  • Flexible application possibilities due to large die space and high press force
  • State-of-the-art equipment and flexibility in terms of technology
  • Synergy effects with other FIUKA products

The know-how of our various products in and around the electric drive also represents an advantage for our customers. As a supplier of perfectly matched components, we at FIUKA can reduce transaction costs for our customers and get the most out of our products.