FIUKA - our production konw-how for electromobility

Mobility is undergoing a transformation. Sustainable concepts that do not harm the climate or the environment, are largely free of fossil fuels, and are still affordable will play an increasingly important role in the future.

We at FIUKA are a reliable partner in the vehicle electrification segment as well, offering solutions for all mobility concepts, from e-bikes to electric and hybrid cars to commercial vehicle applications.

Partner for numerous components in the electric drive

One of the main tasks of the automotive industry is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and emissions of CO2. Moving regenerative energies into the spotlight while continuing to operate economically is an important challenge for the industry. For us at FIUKA, this means supporting our customers with innovative production concepts and forward-looking ideas. Thanks to our know-how in many different processes, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions.

We are the right partner for our customers for a wide range of components in electric drives. FIUKA already offers solutions for numerous applications through rotor shafts, stator housings and electrical sheet stacks, as well as motor housings and covers. For our customers, this means fewer development interfaces and the possibility of directly coordinating the components that are used together. Pre-assembly of, for example, rotor shafts and rotor laminations or stator housings and stator laminations is also possible.