FIUKA - new technologies for new mobility concepts

The signs in the automobile industry market are pointing to change. Affordable mobility that is sustainable, does not pollute the climate or our environment and is largely free of fossil fuels. This is achieved through increased vehicle electrification. FIUKA is also a reliable partner for the automobile industry in this sector of the development of new technologies.

FIUKA - Electromobility - why is it so important? 

One of the main tasks of the automobile industry in the coming years will be to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. Bringing renewable energies to the fore while continuing to work economically is an important task for the automobile industry. For us at FIUKA, this means supporting our customers with innovative production concepts and forward-looking ideas. We gladly accept this challenge.

FIUKA - we can already do electromobility today

Renewable energies will dominate the automobile market in the foreseeable future. That's why at FIUKA all signs are, of course, pointing to the future in the area of eMobility. Hybrid technology as a full-hybrid or plug-in hybrid, the electric car, has long ceased to be a dream of the future for us; it is a virtual reality. 
What is important in electromobility? A low weight is an essential part of success. The lower the weight, the greater the range of the electrically powered vehicle. By cold forming we create possibilities to transform welded assembly groups, forging or cast parts into low-weight, one-piece solutions. We are already well positioned today in the electromobility sector and manufacture components and assembly groups such as..:

  • Rotor supports
  • Rotor shafts
  • Stator housing
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Sheaths for electric motors 
  • Battery boxes
  • Battery containers and battery trays
  • Battery covers
  • Drive flanges and driven flanges 

These are used in:

  • Electric motors
  • Hybrid modules
  • Battery technology
  • Battery and motor mounting

FIUKA lives the future in the automobile sector. And we will continue to press ahead with the technical development of components and assembly groups in the future. Standstill is unthinkable for us, which is why we are setting an example in the field of electromobility. For safe and clean driving on the basis of renewable energies.