FIUKA – you'll fare safely and well with us

Around 8 million vehicles are fitted with spring seats produced by us every year. And for good reason. We at FIUKA know how to combine a long service life with the highest degree of precision in our products. For safety and comfort in the vehicle. 

Components and assembly groups in chassis technology – from wheel suspension to stabiliser mount  

All components manufactured by FIUKA in this sector are subject to high dynamic loads in the vehicle. Whether wheel suspension, shock absorbers or stabiliser mounts as well as spring seats with and without press fit, these are products that have to prove themselves in tough daily use and that have already optimally proven their worth. 

In these sectors, not only extreme precision is required, but also a high degree of service life. To achieve this precision, progressive dies and transfer dies are subjected to forming capacities of up to 1,600 tons.  Our FIUKA components ensure that chassis work more precisely and safely. And not only in sporty applications, where, for example, coilovers have to be adjusted manually or electronically in order to exhibit optimised driving characteristics. Also in the high demand SUV and offroad vehicle sector, where the sophisticated chassis technology ensures a high degree of ground clearance and long spring travel. 

Components for chassis technology - trend-setting even with active safety components

The driving experience and safety in the vehicle are determined by the chassis technology. Driving performance data at the upper limit is impossible without a corresponding technology around the chassis. The knowledge and experience are taken into account in chassis technology for every one of our components and assembly groups.

Our complex deep-drawn solutions help to enable intelligent solutions for component optimisation. Regardless of whether conventional suspensions or air suspensions are concerned. We set standards in chassis technology for you and have done so for many years.