FIUKA – Deep drawing technology with maximum precision

In the cold forming technology sector, our state-of-the-art machinery is designed to produce deep-drawn parts that not only meet but generally exceed the high requirements of our customers in terms of flexibility in production and manufacturing precision. Through constant optimisation of our machinery, we at FIUKA can guarantee to our customers that we are able to implement even complex construction geometries. In the field of deep drawing technology, we set the course by the custom-fit production of semi-finished parts, which greatly simplify and optimise subsequent production processes.

Conversion technology with maximum precision

Our press capacities range from 150 tons to 1,600 tons to process steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium as strips up to 8 millimeters in thickness and 1,200 millimeters in width. Always according to the customer's wishes and specifications. Of course, all of our tools used in deep drawing technology are also optimised for our - and therefore your - needs in order to guarantee precise and high-quality work. Our portfolio in this production sector includes deep drawing, stamping, bending, punching, as well as stretching or ironing. Transfer presses with a table length of up to 6,100 millimeters enable us to carry out different transfer steps within one press. 

Extending the limits of what is feasible

All our machines in the field of deep drawing technology stand for pushing the limits of what can be implemented. This means that even deep drawing solutions that cannot be produced according to current literature, are placed on the market ready-made by FIUKA. This is always based on the premise of exhausting the possibilities of conversion technology, because in this way the substitution of welded assembly groups as well as the substitution of cast and forging parts are possible by means of our deep drawing solutions. We can guarantee this to our customers by in-house development and implementation of all methods, all technical processes, all tool designs, the necessary simulations and, of course, the so important prototype construction. At FIUKA we never leave quality to chance.