FIUKA's cold forming technology – we provide ideal results

In the field of cold forming technology, we at FIUKA rely on special machines specially manufactured for us and designed by us, which were exactly tailored to our requirements. Each of our processes, which serves the smooth and cost-optimised production of your components, can be found again in the special machines of cold forming technology. These include, for example, our fully automated roller burnishing machines, which are used in the production of our rotationally symmetrical motor and gear products, which are made of aluminium or various steels.

A milestone in cost-oriented process optimisation

Especially in the gear and engine parts sector, we at FIUKA rely on cold forming technology as radial conversion technology. This has created a cost-optimised alternative that has proven itself vis-a-vis other manufacturing processes. With our special machines in this sector, we are in a position to manufacture cost-efficient components for you that are within a diameter of 60 to 250 millimeters. And this in a non-cutting way to guarantee an extremely high level of quality. Our non-cutting production comprises Poly-V profiles or sealing grooves and helps to replace multi-part welded assembly groups in production by one-piece solutions. This minimises sources of error and ensures a high standard of quality.

Our cold forming technology scores and convinces due to: 

  • Integral construction through complex cold forming
  • Production of even complicated geometries using flow turning technology 
  • High cost efficiency due to better material utilisation compared to forging and machining
  • Strain hardening and high quality of finish, which we achieve by flow turning and roller burnishing 
  • Machining and processing of all basic raw materials and semi-finished products such as sheet metal or forging blanks 

A high degree of integration of the different processes not only means quality advantages for you, but also the decisive cost advantage due to the cold forming technology. Our cold forming technology sector convinces with flawless and high-quality results - in every respect.